February 26

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Blurb is an exciting website that allows you to create books just the way you see them, including digitally. They’re a great way to get that online edge over your competitors. We have various solutions for you for small to medium sized, very personal runs, but you should certainly think about supplementing this with blurb.blurb

March 5

Cool Facts About The Printing Press

We know that you’re eager to jump right in and create your own work of art, something new for the world to enjoy. But before we lay down the ink to your destiny, it’s important to understand where the printing press first began. Why, you ask? By using our quality service, you’re joining the history of the printing press and entering into a passionate community that has existed for centuries. Looking back, it was a fun journey that’s brought us to where we are today.

Let’s jump right in to the exciting history of the printing press.

Johannes Gutenberg

1440 – A printing revolution! Gutenberg created a wooden machine that, using movable metal type, could print multiple copies of a text on paper. Before this, block printing was the only option available to a printer. They would have to make each copy by hand, carving new blocks for each individual work. Without Gutenberg, printing a book quickly and multiple times wouldn’t be possible as it is today.

The first book that he produced with his wonderful machine was a sure sell, The Bible. The supply could finally meet the overwhelming demand, getting the holy book into every Christian home. The next time you stay at a hotel, check the night table’s draw and thank Gutenberg. He needs all the thanks we can give him – as late as the 1450s, Gutenberg was still borrowing money to make his dream come true, proving that revolution doesn’t come cheap. There are also consequences to the invention that are far reaching.

The Aftermath

1499 – Print-houses (like us!) had been established in more than twenty five hundred cities in Europe. At this point in history, somewhere in the range of eight to twenty four million books had been made and distributed out to the world. The explosion of books into Europe made them much more obtainable for the average worker. This, in turn, created an equal eruption of awareness, as debates and news began to circulate among the masses. Logically, more books equals more readers. Literacy started to become a common skill, closing the gap between the elites of society and the lower classes.

The Industrial Revolution

1800 – Hundreds of years after the initial invention of the printing press, and the only major change to the machine was to make the entire apparatus cast iron. Well, we shouldn’t downplay this accomplishment, as it doubled the size of the printing area. At 480 pages per hour, a remarkable amount of books were being produced and distributed.

A decade later and Friedrich Koenig patented the first ever steam powered printing press. This automated most of the process, further increasing the amount produced, and eventually leading to the existence of the Newspaper industry! The trend of increased production didn’t stop here, continuing to improve throughout the years.

So Here We Are

With all this history behind us, looking ahead has never been so exhilarating. Every book that we print keeps us relevant in the history of our business, an artform that truly began with Gutenberg’s Printing Press.

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February 2

Welcome to Custom Book Printing!

About Us

book heartA finished book is a beautiful thing. Don’t leave it marooned on your desktop as just another My Documents file, lonely and starving for attention. Give it life with lasting ink on quality paper. Let it out to roam free at your local bookstore, catching reader’s eyes. It deserves to be taken off a shelf and into a loving home.

At Custom Book Printing, we transform your creative work into a tangible, grab-able product. Seeing your words alive on paper, flipping through filled pages of your hard work, is an author’s dream; a dream that we can help make into a wonderful reality. The process is simple, exhilarating and fun.

For new authors who are eager to see their long hours of creative energy come to life and end up where they belong – thriving on the page; or for seasoned veterans who would rather skip the headache of traditional publishing, Custom Book Printing is the best way to get from hard-drive to hard-cover. Professional and affordable printing has never been easier.

Size Matters

Selling your books once they’re stacked in piles at home can be a hassle. Sometimes, you need to start small and let it sell itself naturally through word of mouth, or you need time for your professionally planned social media campaign to kick off and snowball into a success. We understand that the size of your order is almost as important as deciding to print in the first place.

For many, a small order for a select readership is the most logical decision. Understandably, you may not be ready to sell warehouses full of your work to mobs of waiting readers, or maybe you are. We certainly wouldn’t mind playing a part in you getting there! For some orders, printing can actually end up being cheaper per book when ordering less, creating a wealth of savings to facilitate a humble start or a continuing writing career.

We realize that every step of book printing has to be customized to the author’s needs. You need to have as much control as possible over the finished product. That is why we are fully equipped and ready to tackle any order of any size. You make the rules, and we’ll make sure the books you receive satisfy one hundred percent.

Our Passion Shows on the Page

Why should you choose Custom Book Printing? At the end of the day, we love making books with talented authors. It’s the reason why we chose to provide this excellent service to the writing community. We believe in what we do, and it shows.

Every book that we craft is an extension of our company, a direct product of our efforts and desire to create something special, new and worthy of existing. To say it in another way: Our passion shows on the page. So, don’t keep your book a secret. Let us know what you have written and waiting to surprise the world with its brilliance. We can’t wait to help it come alive.